Key Features – Stellar Phoenix MySQL Database Recovery


MySQL Database Recovery

Stellar Phoenix MySQL Database Recovery repairs the corrupt MySQL tables and efficiently recovers all the inaccessible database objects, including Tables, Views, Triggers, Relations, and Primary Keys etc. It also has advanced GUI funtionality such as Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar.

Selective MySQL Recovery

This MySQL repair utility allows you to recover data from one or multiple number of MySQL databases. Also, with the utility, you can either select the entire database or recover only the required database objects. If you don't know the location,  It also give the option to find the database for recovery.

Preview before Actual Recovery

Preview before Actual RecoveryThe software repairs MySQL tables and shows the preview of all the recoverable objects in a tree structure. This advanced MySQL database recovery software shows the preview of recoverable components such as views, triggers, tables properties etc even though MySQL application has not been installed in the system.

Recovers from all MySQL Database Engines

MySQL application uses two different categories of database storage engines – MyISAM and InnoDB. MyISAM database storage engine is used prior to the MySQL version 5.5, whereas all later MySQL applications, including version 5.5 use InnoDB database storage engine. This MySQL recovery software repairs and restores databases created with both the versions of database engines, without any problem.


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