Database Recovery utility to recover MySQL database, even when the index file has crashed

MySQL is known to be one of the reliable relational database applications of the recent time. For features, like high performance and less disk space occupancy, MySQL is very much popular among organizations as well as individual entrepreneurs. Moreover, this database application provides a number of database engines to choose from, including MyISAM, InnoDB, Heap, Berkeley DB etc. In spite of many out of the box features, sometimes the MySQL database gets corrupt and all your precious data in it becomes completely inaccessible. In such situations, the loss is not only limited to the inaccessibility of data in the database, but the front end applications also suffer. However, you can take any MySQL repair utility to repair corrupt MySQL  database and recover the data back.

Once the MySQL database gets corrupt, when you try to access any table, you may receive error messages on the screen. The error message may be as below:

MySQL error code 126: Index file is crashed

Cause: The reason behind the error message is quite obvious, a possible corruption to the MySQL database for which you have failed to access the database table.

Resolution: In order to resolve the problem and regain access of the data in your troubled MySQL database, you can perform any of the below operations:

  • Use the ‘myisamchk’ utility, which helps in verifying and repairing the damaged or corrupt MySQL database table. More over, the command will drop the invalid rows of the table and reconstruct the index file, accordingly. Execute the command to run the utility: “myisamchk-r”
  • Use the “Check Table” command, which also verifies your MyISAM table for errors. The syntax for the utility is as below:

CHECK TABLE tbl_name [, tbl_name] … [option] \u2026 option = {FOR UPGRADE | QUICK | FAST | MEDIUM | EXTENDED | CHANGED

  • Then, run the “Repair Table” command, which will repair the damaged table. Syntax for the command is as below:


If even after performing the above operations, the problem still persists, then the best possible way to resolve the same by restoring the database from any valid backup. However, in case no backup is available, you need to opt for any MySQL recovery software. These third party database recovery software are completely risk-free in their data recovery approach and efficiently recover the data from the damaged MySQL database, without even making any change in their original format. Moreover, these software come with detailed instructions for each step and are immensely easy-to-use.

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